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Placement days — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks Judy, I think Heather would have enjoyed hearing about this adventure as well 🙂 I’m glad that you are. I would absolutely love it if all of you showed up here! You’ve still got some time to plan things since I’ll be here for a while, so I will be ready for your arrival 😛 And I think everyone here would love you guys as well!! 🙂

  2. Love the pics Katie! And I love the cultural details from your first hand perspective. Sooooo interesting….
    Ya know, I was just thinking about how much Heather loved your previous blog and your gift for describing all the little details so perfectly. She would love that you are doing this!
    Ok, so just so you know, we talked about your trip at break today. At the end of the day Debbie exclaimed “What are we doing here?! We should go visit Katie!” So, just a heads up, 3 crazy women could just show up on your doorstep in India any day…. We would love games night!

  3. Hey Katie, thanks for the great updates. Your experience so far sounds incredible. It sounds like your skills are much needed and will be put to good use. Can’t wait to read more tales of your time in India. Big hugs. Jill

    • Thanks Jill, I have been learning lots as well. It has been great 🙂 Miss you and the boys! (That includes Terry :P)