Short Term Goals

  1. I will attain employment in a community and/or mental health setting within 3-6 months of completing my MSc (OT)
  2. Within 1-2 weeks of employment, I will seek out a mentor to feel more confident and self-supporting in my new position.
  3. I will continue to further my professional development by attending a minimum of three conferences each year to stay current with evidence-informed practices.
  4. After two years of employment, I will offer to be a preceptor to MSc (OT) students to support the growth of future occupational therapists.

Long Term Goals

  1. In 5 years I will work towards continuing to eliminate the stigma towards people with mental illnesses, through taking a strength-based approach that highlights these individuals’ skills and assets by volunteering with the Kingston Youth Homeless Shelter and begin to collaboratively develop a program for youth that can be sustainable within the community.
  2. In 5 years I will seek out opportunities to be a guest lecture or be an assistant professor to occupational therapy students to contribute to the learning process of future health care professionals.
  3. In 10 years I will open a private practice that provides OT services to youth who are experiencing mental health issues.